We offer two types of cardboard used for printing mockups:

  • FBB Prime Bright 280 g/m2 cellulosid cardboard, front and back: white.
  • SBS MET 329 g/m2 white cellulose coated cardboard, front: metallic, back: white.

When it comes to printing production batches, we offer cardboard grammage choice ranging from 220 to 350g/m2.


Print options:

  • we print front side of the box by default, but there is also an option to print on the backside,
  • in case you only want to print backside (with frontside left blank), you can specify it in order comments after adding products to your cart.

Scodix effects

Types of Scodix effects:

  • Scodix Foil Cold foil in different colors is applied to the cardboard. Ornaments created with Scodix Foil make the packaging stand out from regular boxes by creating premium quality patterns on top of the print. Gold and silver foil colors are available for mockups at any time while other colors may require additional wait time to complete your order
  • Scodix Spot Shiny lacquer effect, visually similar to UV lacquer with no embossment.
  • Scodix Sense Shiny lacquer effect, visually similar to UV lacquer, laid down to imitate embossment (3D effect). Scodix Sense allows to distinguish selected parts of the packaging, both visually and haptically.
  • Scodix Sense Mix It’s Scodix Sense effect with embossment height differences as well as hybrid effect (grainy surface).
  • Scodix Cast & Cure Geometric, shiny patterns are applied to the selected parts of the packaging. Effect draws attention due to visual variance depending on observation angle and lighting conditions.

Effect examples on different boxes

Learn more about our printing methods and effects at www.roribox.com!


Laminating options:

  • we use Soft Touch and matte foil for laminating,
  • you can choose to laminate front and back side of the box.


Cutting options:

  • our boxes are cut using plotters,
  • you can unselect the cutting option in order to receive an uncut sheet instead of regular box.


Gluing options:

  • You can order either pre-glued version of the box or just the folded cutout of your mockup.

More photos