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    Box layout details

    Main purpose and advantages of the four-corner box design:

    • preformed box design, contains flat bottom without any bends,
    • perfect for packing sweets,
    • elegant, closing flap.

    What is test print used for?

    By choosing our test print service, you can order 2-10 sample boxes of the chosen layout with your own graphical design and selected special add-ons (such as Scodix effects). The main purpose of this service is to provide you with an ability to examine in person qualities such as: visual aspects of chosen effects, shape of cut and glued boxes, texture and durability of our materials and color accuracy. Test print service is a perfect way of testing the full scope of our production abilities before deciding to order a full production order for your boxes. It also allows you to decide between different box layouts and visual add-ons.

    This service is not intended for ordering full production batch of your boxes. It allows you to order a few, personalized test prints. To order full production batch, contact us at

    How to order a test print?

    1. Select size of your box (notice dimension naming convention displayed on images – X/Y/Z axes for different dimensions of each layout) and add-ons.
    2. Add selected product to the shopping cart, fill in order details and complete the payment.
    3. We will prepare special PDF file with layout design for your box (with custom dimensions) within 24h and then send it your way with a special link in an email. You will also receive additional graphic design requirements and detailed instruction.
    4. With the help of PDF files you have received, you will be able to prepare graphic design for your custom box and send it to us by using the same link you received earlier.
    5. If everything is correct, we will print your custom boxes and send them to the address specified in the checkout as soon as possible. In case there are any problems, we will contact you via email.

    In case you have additional questions, we recommend contacting us via email. We will gladly answer any questions concerning our packaging, ordering process and printing full production batches.